About Me

Hi. My name is Marilyn.   I am an artist and crafts woman and I have always enjoyed antiques. By day I work in accounting as a bookkeeper. I have a history in fashion as a jewelry designer of beaded and costumed jewelry. I studied fashion design for a while at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I worked in retail, in clothing shops for many years as a salesperson.

I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. I lived out in Boulder, Colorado for about 14 years raising my daughter. I like to travel a bit every year. I enjoy going out west and I am often inspired by fashion out there. It’s interesting to observe the differences between NY fashion and what people wear out west. I strive to keep things rather cheerful and fun in my wardrobe. When I lived in Colorado people wore a lot of colorful clothing. I do find it more inspiring. I hope to bring some of my experiences from my traveling into the blog. While I don’t travel a lot I do get a view of some different areas when I do.

My clothing and apartment are a mix of old and new.  As a child I lived in Europe for five years.   Therefore I tend to like things with a European flair. My daughter once said my apartment is like a “museum of who I am.” I suppose this blog will follow the same path. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return and enjoy my blog!

If you wish to contact me email me at bklyngal1962@gmail.com.